What Others Have Said!

Being around the horses calms me, teaching me trust, helping me to focus, taught me confidence…helping me to curb my thoughts.

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Ellen Gore

Headin' Home volunteer, USAF, retired

About six months ago, I happened to see the Headin’ Home sign asking for volunteers. I contacted the director (Tony), attended the next volunteer meeting, and have been involved with this organization ever since. With Headin’ Home being relatively new, a nonprofit, and staffed entirely by volunteers, it is still a work in progress. But, with Tony’s mission and goals to help horses and people, I have found it to be a great cause to get behind and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about horsemanship and meeting some great people. I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Scott Smith

Toney, the president of headin home, is an amaizingly caring man who is driven by the profoundly true desire to help veterans and horses through his organization. While it has a long way to go I endorse threading home and recommend anyone interested to inquire about their mission.

Dallen Garner

Amazing horse rescue!

Tiffany Rathgeber