Healing Journey, organized by Karina Redweik

Headin’ Home Inc. serves a dual mission for those who could benefit from equine assisted therapy through the use of rescued horses. Our organization strives to serve the veteran and first responder community due to the extreme trauma that war, combat, and chaos that these people have lived through. We have opened our doors to a broader audience of “others in need” because we understand that mental trauma can effect any individual, regardless of career, background, race, religion, creed, preferences, etc.

The horses that Headin’ Home Inc. rescues, are rehabilitated for use in equine-assisted therapy and potential rehoming. Some of these horses have suffered unbearable trauma, much like the human community that we serve. By pairing the two together, humans have found new motivation in life due to the benefits of therapy administered by licensed therapists combined with the connections developed through rehabilitating and training horses.

Headin’ Home Inc. has an immediate need to raise funds to obtain a new property to accommodate their programs, rescue additional horses, and begin building better facilities for use. Headin’ Home Inc. is competing with the volatile housing market to obtain property, meaning in order to purchase a suitable property, a highly competitive offer needs to be made.

Please help Headin’ Home Inc. get their new property by donating! Headin’ Home Inc. is a Government recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization making your donations tax deductible!

Visit our Facebook Page and our  Website for more information on who we are, our mission, and resources that you, or a loved one, may need.

Thank you for your time!