She was Headin’ Homes first rescue, she was around 150 pounds underweight when we got her but soon with love and attention, she gained weight and progressed. She chose Esther Pistone as her human and they had a great friendship. She seemed to always know when Esther was not feeling well or depressed, she would walk up to her and lay her head on Esther’s shoulder and hug her. When Esther had broken her leg and when she could hobble out to where the horses were, Savannah would walk over to her and wrap herself in front of her so that the other horses could not bump into her. Esther loved this beauty with all of her heart, today that heart shattered into a thousand pieces. savannah passed away and left many broken hearts. She was loved by many who came to the ranch and volunteered. They all took great care of her as well as the other horses. She was great with small children

always watching where she was going so that she wouldn’t knock one over or step on them.

“Blessed is the horse for they are the giants who warm our hearts and let us fly upon the wind when we ride”.