Horse Rescue

The purpose of this program is to help prevent cruelty to horses. 

Headin’ Home Inc. will retrieve wild mustangs from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), auctions, and individuals who no longer want them. We provide these horses a last chance before being auctioned to slaughterhouses. We will also retrieve neglected horses from horse-farm donations, the Humane Society, and the feedlots or sale lots that cater to slaughterhouses.

​We will not seize horses directly from current owners, but will work with a licensed agency or proper authority that may need assistance. It is our intention to encourage people to donate horses they cannot care for to our organization in order to prevent their sale to feedlots or auctions catering to slaughterhouses.

​To accomplish this goal, we have to collect donation and funding to purchase the horses. Both the BLM and Humane Society are eager to work with horse rescue operations and charge minimal transfer fees from $100 to $250. Depending on the current price of horse meat, we may have to pay a bit more to buy horses from the feedlots and auction houses. But if it means saving a horse from the meat grinder, we will raise the money to do so. We will advertise and encourage people to donate horses instead of selling them through these inexpensive markets.