Healing Journey Program

The Healin’ Journey is a program based on experiential horse activities that are designed to nurture emotional growth and healing from trauma and is offered to American veterans, 1st responders and others with PTSD, TBI, MST, anxiety, depression and suicidal idealization.

Equine Therapeutic Programs (ETPs) are supervised by professional equestrian instructors who teach wounded veterans and others of need, how to interact, react, and care for a horse, all at no cost.

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The activities are guided by a staff that includes a therapist, a horse professional and life skills staff. Because of the experiential aspect, changes in behavior and increased insight for the participants often arise quickly and have a lasting transferable effect. Participants learn about themselves and others by participating in gentling rescued wild horses, and then processing feelings, behaviors, and patterns.

There are many equine therapy programs that are helping the Participants through domestic horse activities including, feeding and grooming, riding, and partnership training, however, The Healin’ Journey Program has the added advantage of utilizing the process of gentling wild horses making first contact and spiritually connecting with a dynamic and powerful living being.

This program is funded by donations from individuals, corporations and foundations.

Rubicon Counseling Services

Headin’ Home Senior Therapist

Rubicon Counseling Services was founded in 2014 with the idea that a person’s overall health and happiness is improved with a multi faceted approach. Trauma impacts every aspect of a person’s life. Physical health is connected and impacted by mental health. Relationships are impacted by past trauma. Spirituality, which can be as simple as a hike in the woods, will help us connect each of these areas and reveal our deeper purpose. In order to achieve lasting change, each of these areas needs to be nurtured.

Rubicon Counseling Services helps you find emotional safety by defining, creating and respecting boundaries. Change occurs through self reflection, challenging the inner beliefs and reshapes negative voices to positive ones. Rubicon transforms lives by exploring the truth within and giving hope towards the future. Rubicon divides the lies told, the untruths believed and the negative ideas about who you think you are. Rubicon helps you conquer the inner struggles and teaches how to embrace the wounded warrior with hope, love, empathy and compassion.

The team at Rubicon Counseling Services understands the pain you have experienced. Our role is to guide you through the journey that only you were meant to travel. Rubicon is person centered and believes that no matter how hard you’ve struggled we’re here to help you find an embrace the lost soul waiting to emerge from the complexities of trauma.

David Scott strives to match clients to agencies based upon the agencies’ culture and modalities, assuring an optimum fit for the best possible outcome.

What he has developed is a uniquely informed perspective in all aspects of mental health treatment. He comes on as the clinical director at OHC to do exactly that: learn the overt and covert needs of a client as well as possible and to help them understand those needs and cater a treatment plan to best serve their health and wellness.

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Other Therapists We Work With:

Power With Peace
JaNae Francis

“Being around the horses calms me, teaching me trust, helping me to focus, taught me confidence…helping me to curb my thoughts.”

 -Ellen Gore, USAF, retired & Headin’ Home volunteer