Hey Everybody, Hope you all are having an awesome weekend. We are working very hard to find a piece of land, 30+ acres, close enough to Salt lake to build our Sanctuary and Therapy Center, But until we can, the property we’re on is temporary and we can’t build anything, hold any classes, give riding lessons, or do any of the programs that we have always done. So to make a long story short, We’re asking for donations, For hay, special feeds, meds, vet bills, and the many other things that add up taking care of the horses. Donations can be made thru the website, www.headinhome.org or Venmo, tony pistone@headin_home. We also have about 15 horses up for adoption and others available for fostering. Thank you for all you do and soon we will be able to move to our forever home and continue our mission of rescuing horses and humans.