Our Mission

To heal the mind, body, and spirit of both horse and human

“Working with horses is my solace. The bonding and spirituality that I feel when I am with the horse is astounding.”

-Patti Trulli Ibholm, Sargent, USMC 1975 – 1979

What We Do

Headin’ Home mends lives. As a horse rescue facility, we provide a safe haven for both domestic and wild horses. We work to gentle, rehabilitate, and ready them for adoption.

Using equine assisted therapy, we provide Veterans and First Responders (at no charge) with an effective treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) as well as other traumatic injuries that have damaged their minds, bodies and spirits. We will also work with special needs children and adults that can benefit from the healing power of equine therapy.

“Being around the horses calms me, teaching me trust, helping me to focus, taught me confidence…helping me to curb my thoughts.”

 -Ellen Gore, USAF, retired & Headin’ Home volunteer

Our Story

Esther & Dante “Tony” Pistone founded Headin’ Home in 2015 to provide a healing journey “home” for both horses and humans. Tony Pistone is a Veteran of the United States Air Force. Years ago, he lost a close friend to suicide. He was a fellow-Vet, and sustained injuries in the Vietnam War. This affected Tony as incredibly tragic, but also preventable. Esther and Tony have always had a special place in their hearts for horses, and know their healing power. They started Headin’ Home to bring human and equine back to healing, to purpose, to safety – to bring them home.

Our goal is to acquire the land to build a ranch where we can offer sanctuary to any horse that needs it. We rescue neglected horses, and wild horses that were in danger of being sent to slaughter. We also allow owners to surrender horses that they can no longer take care of. We want to provide a forever home to those animals that can’t be adopted out. 

We plan to build a fully-sustainable facility to conduct multi-day equine therapy sessions. In addition to equine facilities, our vision includes a camping area, RV pads, small cabins, and a bunkhouse with counseling rooms and a commercial kitchen.